Our leaders


Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, Shahanshah, Aryamehr and Grand Ayatollah Khomeini, Imam of the Islamic Revolution and Father of the Islamic Republic... two men who have shaped our lives, more than any other politician in the past half century, in the most contradictory fashion...

So here they are, the Shah and the Mullah, both pictured at the height of their popularity...

**50 Years in search of an identity**





 The things that Imam Khomeini told our Nation in 1979:


Was He lying or  was he telling the truth?



AFTER 1979

Yesterday Flag

Today Flag

Father & Son (Iranian) Pahlavis

Father & Son (Unknown Origin) Khomeinis (Hendizadehs)

Yesterday Leader

Today Ruler

Yesterday Leader & Iranian Armed Forces

Today Ruler & Islamic Armed Forces

Yesterday Cabinet

Today Cabinet

Yesterday Think Tanks

Philosophers, Economists, Scientists, Politicians and Scholars

Today Think Tanks!

Blood-Thirsty Traitors, Illiterates, Liars, Thieves, and Conmen


Yesterday Beggars & Servants Today Rulers & Masters



Yesterday First Lady Farah Diba

Today First Lady! Zoherh Khatami


Today's Reality

Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2001. An unidentified woman (left), leaves the Ershad Judiciary Compound, north of Tehran, after receiving 70 lashes for taking part in a New Year's party wearing "indecent" clothing.

Yesterday's Words (Hejab is Not Compulsory!) 1979



Yesterday Iranian University Students Today Iranian University Students

Yesterday Leader & Iranian Army

Today Ruler & His Army

Yesterday Crown Prince HIM King of Kings Ariyamehr


Today Self-Crowned Prince Prince Mullah Hassan Khomeini, the grandson of His Mullah Highness Ruhollah Khomeini

Yesterday Iranian, Women Honor & Pride, An Iranian Practice

Today Iranian Women, Stoning & Shame, A Savage Arabian-Islamic Practice


"..Costumes vary from the traditional "chador" to beach-wear on the Caspian Sea, but the friendly smile is the same anywhere..." Jean Hureay (Iran Today - 1972)

Males Swimming Area! Iranian Women in Imposed Islamic Beach-Wear; Just Watching




Happiness (In the Privacy of their Homes), An Iranian Practice

Still Today, Floggings, For Listening to Music in his car!, A Savage Arabian-Islamic Practice


Members of Sepah-e Danesh (Army Education) Yesterday Compulsory Education


Members of Ansar-e Hezbollah (Savages), Today Compulsory Islamic Teachings


Yesterday Celebration,  Iran's victory in Asian soccer


Today Celebration, An Islamic militant (Revolutionary Guard) grabs an Iranian boy on Africa Avenue in Tehran for celebrating Iran's victory in Asian soccer finals!


Yesterday Classrooms

Today Classrooms (Khoramshahr)