You don't need to throw away your existing system. 

Time Sheet System v1.0

Developed since Sept. 2001

The system uses
JavaScript within the browser and has been tested extensively with Netscape and Microsoft 4.x browsers and up.

Security within the system ensures that only the owner of the time sheet, the owner's supervisor and designated administrators can see each time sheet whilst it is in the system.

By validating time sheet booking entries at source, staff do not book invalid accounts or accounts that have been closed because they can't. With paper time sheets, staff book to invalid accounts, the
imputer then cannot enter them and they have to contact the employee then to find out what the code should have been. This extra communication cycle is costly and annoying.

E-mail reminders with URL links to the time sheets ensure that staff don't forget to fill out a timesheet. Booking codes from the previous week are copied across to further ease the input process. Statutory holiday are entered automatically to ensure that staff don't forget to book them.

When approved, time sheets are ready to be fun
neled into the existing time sheet database. These databases vary but typically they will apply a cost to each booking and also a charge if the time is to be recharged to a client. 

The bookings are interfaced with the Finance Accounting System, The Invoicing system, HR / Personnel, Payroll and Project management Systems.

Payroll System  Project Management System