Hands-on experience:                         I am a Certified Novell Administrator      

                                             (C.N.A.) & Certified Lotus Notes           

Operating Systems:                           Consultant & Principle Apps Dev.(C.L.P.)             


MS DOS 6.2                                   Programming Languages:                     

Novel Netware 3.12                                                                     

SCO UNIX                                     Lotus Script 3.1 JavaScript 1.0               

System 7.5 (incl. SoftWindows v1.0 Windows   Basic                                      

emulator)                                    Lisp                                       

O/S 2 WARP                                   Modulo-2                                   

Windows95 & NT 3.51 and 4.0                  Panasonic's DBS range PaBX                 


Software:                                    Prolog                                     


Desk top Publishing                          Wide Area Networks                         

Adobe Photoshop v3.0                                                                    

Corel Draw v4                                EICON SNA LAN Gateway                      

QuarkXpress v3.31                            X.25                                       

Financial                                    BT Kilostream                              

ADP Payroll                                  Dial up (PPP)                              

KRONOS Timekeeper central, including KRONOS  Terminal Emulation                         

Data Manager                                 IRMA for the Mainframe                     

Personics MONARCH v2.02                      VAX BULL                                   

Sage Accountant (for win & DOS)              RUMBA                                      

Sage Financial Controller (win & DOS)                                                   

SCALA v3                                     Worked with, under supervision:            

MS Access 2.0                                                                           

QA Quick address                             DBase 3                                    

Communications                               DEC VAX                                    

America On-line  (ID = Amir Sheibany)        H.I.S. (Hotel Information Systems)         

CompuServe  (ID = 100341,1427)               RM COBOL                                   

Lap-Link v3                                  SCO UNIX                                   

MS Mail v3                                                                              

Notework e-mail for Novel LAN and X400 via   Attended short-courses on, or member of:   

Gateway (ON Technology)                                                                 

PC Anywhere v2                               Arcserve v5.1 Network Back-up              

ProCommPlus v1.1                             Building your own PC's                     

SITATEX                                      Dale Carnegie's books                      

WinFax Pro v4                                Institute of Electrical & Electronic       

General Applications                         Engineers (IEEE-UK)                        

Lotus Organiser 97 GS                        Kogan Page: Communicating Effectively      

Lotus 123 (for win & DOS) v. 4               Lotus Notes Technical User                 

MS Excel 97                                  Lotus Notes System Administrator 1 v3,v4   

MS Powerpoint 97                             Lotus Notes Application Developer 1&2 v3,v4  

Lview v3                                     Management Accountancy (CIMA) level 1      

MS Word 97                                   MS Office Professional 4.3 & Migrating to  

Norton Utilities v7                          Office95                                   

PC Tools v9                                  Panasonic's DBS range PaBX                 

Word Perfect (for win & DOS) v.5.1 & 6       QuarkXpress v3.31                          

More Advanced / LAN's                        Lotus Notes Application Developer 3 v4.5     

Arcserve v5.01e (Cheyenne)                   Lotus Notes Advanced Domino Development    

Castelle's FaxPress for Novel Networks       Lotus Script Introduction and Advanced                  

Lotus Notes v3.3,4.0,4.11a,4.52b,4.6         Windows NT4 Workstation                    

MS Windows for Workgroups v3.11              LotusSphere'95,'96,'97,'98                     

MS Windows v3.1                              Domino Developer Conference                

                                             + various National seminars & exhibitions  

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