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Amir Sheibany
53 Beechworth
179 Willesden Lane
London NW6 7YZ

(020) 8459 4730 home
07973 826 490 mobile


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Marital Status: SINGLE Nationality: BRITISH with US Green Card Age: 36 (16 SEPT. 1968)

Attained Lotus Premium Business Partner Status in March 1998 and company spokesman (CNN April 26th). Twelve years of technical development and business experience in Information Technology, degrees in Computer & Control Engineering and professional certifications from Lotus, Microsoft and Novell. Including Principle CLP of Notes 3, 4 ,5 and a Prince2 Practitioner.


Franklin Templeton Investments (FTG)
Fort Lauderdale ? Florida
15/Feb/2003? present
International Application Development support, Lotus Script, JavaScript, Dynamic HTML. Domino 6 on Linux evaluation and implementation. Training. PeopleSoft to Notes data-pump using ZMERGE and FTP process.

Johnson & Johnson (ETHICON)
Sommerville ? New Jersey
15/Nov/2001 ? 18/Jan/2002
Web Application consultant. r5 Server Administration troubleshooting. Lotus Script, JavaScript, Dynamic HTML. (more info..)

Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation
Wall Street ? New York
15/Mar/2001 ? 29/Jun/2001
Workflow automation of new business processes. Business Analysis of existing and future processes. Front end to a very large project. Notes 4.5 script, Visio and Project Management tools. (more info..)

JP Morgan
Wall Street ? New York
01/Sep/2000 ? 31/Jan/2001
Member of Application Development Tools team, working on Chase Manhattan / JP Morgan Project Management Office on the merger. Lotus Notes 4.5, Lotus Script, Java Script, WebSphere.
London, England
01/Feb/2000 ? 31/Aug/2000
CTO of Internet Start-up focusing on UK property market. Designed and
implemented back-end architecture, project management and Help desk systems. Company spokesman (CNN April 26th). Domino 5, WebSphere, DOLS & Domino Extended Search.

Miami - Tampa, Florida
28/Jun/99 – 28/Jan/00
Domino Development of Knowledge Management Intranet application for World-wide E-Business Management Consultants. Notes Y2K testing.

Principle consultant developing, and web enabling, Knowledge Management application for World-wide E-Business Management Consultants. Project involving graphics artist, for interactive front-end, Lotus Script programmers for back-end e-Commerce agents. Working in Miami/Tampa for Management Consultancy Services - London, with Project team in Dallas and New York. Linking application to London Business School, and rest of PwC intranet. Project included Macromedia FLASH 4, XML, JavaScript, Java applets, Domain Search, Notes 4.55 and 5.02 interoperability (more info...)

Department of Health
London, England
21/Nov/98 – 7/Jun/99
Domino Development on various Extranet projects.  Intranet Consultant for the Department. Domino Server Performance enhancements.

Agora Professional Services

Kingston-upon-Thames, England.
1/Aug/98 – 11/Sep/98
Application Development on a Notes/Domino 5.0 project for this Premium Business Partner. (more..)

McGinley Construction
Harrow, England
15/May/98 – 15/Jul/98
Consultant on Infrastructure issues. Developed a suite of Project Management applications, and enhanced existing ones. 

Union Bank of Switzerland,
Zurich, Switzerland
1/Nov/96- 1/May/98
Notes 3 to 4 Migration Consultant / Applications Developer at UBS head office. Domino/Web Specialist.

Information Systems Infrastructure Department, as part of the 10 man International Notes Competence Center (3rd level support). Working along side one other, as Domino/internet specialist at UBS. Responsibilities: Global Notes Applications Coordinator : Application Developer/Consultant for Group Management. Technology Leadership (evaluating new products with bias towards Internet related Document Management) (more details:)

Short assignments at: SDI UK (Apps Dev.), Islington Council (Training)

Winnersh Triangle, Reading, UK

European Application Development Team member. Rolling out basic Notes 3 applications to user population of 6000+ on 67 Notes r4 servers. Notes Application support and bug-fixing. Consulting in Notes 3 to 4 migration. (more...)

MTi Trading Systems
The City, London, UK

Consultant with this banking / trading systems software house debugging Notes 3 applications, testing Notes 3 applications for upgrade to Notes 4 . Global deployment and upgrade of Lotus Notes 4, Integration of Notes with Internet (InterNotes), Integration of Notes with MS SQL 6.0 database (NotesPump, LOTUS FORMS, VIP). Provided Basic / Technical user training courses. BPR of help desk and call escalation models. (more...)

Lexus Consulting (UK)
Berkeley Square, London, UK

Founding partner and Senior Lotus Notes consultant. Deploying internal systems based on Notes r4 and Windows NT. Expanding client base and growing the company to a 15 strong team. (more...)

OTHER: Attended each ane every Lotusphere from 1995 until 2003 in Orlando, Florida (5 day seminar on Notes Technology).

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Saint Gobain Glass UK Ltd. (Saint Gobain/Solaglas)

Park Lane, London, UK

Information Technology manager deploying Sales & Marketing system as part of a business process re-engineering scheme (using Lotus Notes). Migrating Sales order processing / accountancy software to a fully integrated suite (SCALA, EDI). Bringing companies IT budget, including staffing levels and contractual agreements under control.  (more..) (written reference)

13 months- Jul/95

Abela Services Ltd./ Albert Abela Corporation

Savile Row, London, UK

Departmental manager at Corporate Service company. Instigated an interactive multimedia kiosk for the company's hotel chain. Set up for the first time a Corporate Communications department with overall responsibility for publishing a new company newsletter for the senior management in  36 countries.

18 months

Abela & Gate Gourmet / Swiss Air Catering

Heathrow Intl. Airport, UK

Data Processing coordinator, later promoted to head of department, in a joint venture between Abela and Swiss Air. In this time, with the cooperation of the relevant department heads I succeeded in setting from scratch our computer systems and negotiated the relevant contracts.
These included: Time & Attendance systems, Accounts systems, Payroll system, various flight information systems, our computer network (including cabling and installation of LAN) & supporting the Microsoft range of software, our phone systems, including Kilostream /data, various inventory control systems including looking after European Customs & Excise controls. Last but not least my department has won the coveted MERCURY award at I.F.C.A. for an innovative image capture system that brings computer technology into the menu presentation process of in-flight catering.  (written reference)

8 months

Abela Management Services S.A.

Savile Row, UK

Trainee accounts executive whilst studying for CIMA qualifications. General PC support

Sept/91- 6 months

Abela Hotel - NICE

Nice, France

Trainee at Hotel Beach Regency during a major acquisition. Experience in basic spread sheet programming.



Merryl Lynch. Pierce, Fenner & Smith Ltd.,

Time-Life Bld., UK

Summer intern as a research assistant at Merryl Lynch, analysing information in the computing industry to help Financial Consultants keep up to date with the relevant economic news and make their recommendation.



University of Westminster, School of Electronic and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

London, England

B.Eng.(HONS.) COMPUTER AND CONTROL ENGINEERING. With special assignment in: Operational Management; designing 16 bit static RAM cell and final year project: Mathematical Modeling of a fermentation process using Artificial Neural Networks technology (for PFIZER UK. LTD. and S.D.SCICON)


Highgate boys school

London, England



Wellingborough boarding school

Northamptonshire, England


MERCURY AWARD at I.F.C.A. (In-Flight Catering Association) -link to FINANCIAL TIMES 24/02/94



University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis



I.E.E.E.. & C.I.M.A.


LOTUS CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS (Lotus Notes Consultant /Application Developer V4.5 Principle level and Notes 5 PCLP)

Also a certified scuba diver & avid hiker / world tarveler.

Details on Lotus Notes Experience:

My current Projects are all web based applications on a Domino 5.0 platform, with significant Client-side programming in JavaScript 1.1 and DHTML

This Lotus Premier Partner was started by the Managing Director of Lotus Consulting - UK, and Director from Anderson Consulting. They focus primarily on the Healthcare industry of the UK. Worked with them on the Alpha release of Notes 5 on a project to automate the healthcare providers in the UK. The project scale was such that Notes 4 could not handle the volume of data. Worked with Lotus as a pilot site demonstrating the effectiveness of their then new Notes 5 in being used for Industrial scale Applications.

European Application Development Team member. Rolling out basic Notes 3 applications to user population of 6000+ on 67 Notes r4 servers. Notes Application support and bug-fixing. Consulting in Notes 3 to 4 migration. The European MARS ISI Notes team is a large one. Currently there are 9 System Administrators and 12 Developers as well as standard desktop support people. Reference..

I have been very fortunate to work with this leading edge technology company. MTi writes trading systems for 10% of the worlds banking industry with 80 AAA banks and many central banks as customers. Internally they have UNIX and NT systems sitting on, amongst other things, 67 DEC Alpha's. Commenced with debugging Notes 3 applications -customer tracking database- testing Notes 3 applications for upgrade to Notes 4. Global deployment and upgrade of Notes 4 to 8 sites in 6 major cities. Initiated a project to integrate Notes to the INTERNET (InterNotes). Integration of Notes with MS SQL 6 database (NotesPump, Lotus Forms, ViP). Provided ? day basic Notes user training courses. Worked with Total Quality Management team to Re-Engineer the status models of work-flow application (help desk). Reference..

As one of their first UK consultants, I assisted Lexus Consulting in setting up their London operation with Lotus Notes r4 on Windows NT 3.51 server and Windows '95 clients. I also obtained Lotus Business Partner status for them. Expanded their client base and assisted in recruitment of certified Lotus Notes Specialists. We had a Notes server connected via leased line to the INTERNET and (according to Lotus Development, UK) were probably the first company to replicate their databases over the INTERNET.

Provided a "Jump Start Field support" service. Client was a publishing and print farming company desiring a system to assist in Communication, Collaboration and Co-ordination with Small office/ Home office based graphic designers and media specialists for sharing large publishing assignments.

Installed and configured Notes v3.3 on Windows95 Server and set-up clients (mostly Macintosh System 7.5 remote connections). Rolled out General Discussion Database and provided System Administration and Application Development skills transfer.

As the new IT Manager for this large glass manufacturer, I introduced a Lotus Notes pilot project for the Sales & Marketing department in cooperation with external consultants and succeeded in replacing the older system.

I installed the infrastructure with Lotus Notes v3.3 on OS/2 WARP with LAN clients (Novell 3.12 with SPX) and dial-in clients and employed an application developer for 6 weeks to create a complex sales leads application that distributed leads according to location and value sales rep. etc.. Data was manipulated using ZMERGE, thus avoiding the Notes API.

This enhanced the productivity of our 'on the road' sales force considerably and speeded up responses to customer inquiries.

An enhancement was integrating QA quick address speeding up the data entry in the address field. Reference..


I am seeking projects as a Principle Certified Lotus Notes Consultant.



Hands-on experience:                         I am a Certified Novell Administrator      

                                             (C.N.A.) & Certified Lotus Notes           

Operating Systems:                           Consultant & Principle Apps Dev.(C.L.P.)             


MS DOS 6.2                                   Programming Languages:                     

Novel Netware 3.12                                                                     

SCO UNIX                                     Lotus Script 3.1 JavaScript 1.0               

System 7.5 (incl. SoftWindows v1.0 Windows   Basic                                      

emulator)                                    Lisp                                       

O/S 2 WARP                                   Modulo-2                                   

Windows95 & NT 3.51 and 4.0                  Panasonic's DBS range PaBX                 


Software:                                    Prolog                                     


Desktop Publishing                           Wide Area Networks                         

Adobe Photoshop v3.0                                                                    

Corel Draw v4                                EICON SNA LAN Gateway                      

QuarkXpress v3.31                            X.25                                       

Financial                                    BT Kilostream                              

ADP Payroll                                  Dial up (PPP)                              

KRONOS Timekeeper central, including KRONOS  Terminal Emulation                         

Data Manager                                 IRMA for the Mainframe                     

Personics MONARCH v2.02                      VAX BULL                                   

Sage Accountant (for win & DOS)              RUMBA                                      

Sage Financial Controller (win & DOS)                                                   

SCALA v3                                     Worked with, under supervision:            

MS Access 2.0                                                                           

QA Quick address                             DBase 3                                    

Communications                               DEC VAX                                    

America On-line  (ID = Amir Sheibany)        H.I.S. (Hotel Information Systems)         

CompuServe  (ID = 100341,1427)               RM COBOL                                   

Lap-Link v3                                  SCO UNIX                                   

MS Mail v3                                                                              

Notework e-mail for Novel LAN and X400 via   Attended short-courses on, or member of:   

Gateway (ON Technology)                                                                 

PC Anywhere v2                               Arcserve v5.1 Network Back-up              

ProCommPlus v1.1                             Building your own PC's                     

SITATEX                                      Dale Carnegie's books                      

WinFax Pro v4                                Institute of Electrical & Electronic       

General Applications                         Engineers (IEEE-UK)                        

Lotus Organiser 97 GS                        Kogan Page: Communicating Effectively      

Lotus 123 (for win & DOS) v. 4               Lotus Notes Technical User                 

MS Excel 97                                  Lotus Notes System Administrator 1 v3,v4   

MS Powerpoint 97                             Lotus Notes Application Developer 1&2 v3,v4  

Lview v3                                     Management Accountancy (CIMA) level 1      

MS Word 97                                   MS Office Professional 4.3 & Migrating to  

Norton Utilities v7                          Office95                                   

PC Tools v9                                  Panasonic's DBS range PaBX                 

Word Perfect (for win & DOS) v.5.1 & 6       QuarkXpress v3.31                          

More Advanced / LAN's                        Lotus Notes Application Developer 3 v4.5     

Arcserve v5.01e (Cheyenne)                   Lotus Notes Advanced Domino Development    

Castelle's FaxPress for Novel Networks       Lotus Script Introduction and Advanced                  

Lotus Notes v3.3,4.0,4.11a,4.52b,4.6         Windows NT4 Workstation                    

MS Windows for Workgroups v3.11              LotusSphere'95,'96,'97,'98,'99                     

MS Windows v3.1                              Domino Developer Conference                

                                             + various National seminars & exhibitions 

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